Past Shows

The September-October 2018 show featured the work of Mesa artist Craig Thornton, accompanied by Juried Artists and the Millet House Art Collective.



Exhibition dates: September 14-October 26, 2018. Craig Thornton, Featured Artist, writes that his exhibit willexplore the theme of identity as revealed through various figures in relation to beautiful yet harsh environments. Both the figures and the environments will draw from elements of fantasy and science fiction, filtering these items through my own lens to reveal a personal mythology.”


April 13-May 31 2018:





“Voice of Emotion”
March 10, 2017 – May 12, 2017 


Featured Artist: Ronalyn T. Torres

Accompanied by juried artist:
Andy C . – Azaria Cordova  – Carlos Mendoza – Craig Thornton – Francisco Reyes – Lesa Nivens – Margarete Beeson – Meg Puccio – Patricia Bomberg-Roth – Randy Zucker – Sarah Richards – Tal Dvir – Xandriss


“Happiness Is…”
An all ages and abilities juried group art show about the joy within the child
at heart.

Featuring the drawings of local artist, Jo Ann Briseño. The artist creates a
drawing on a napkin each school day and puts it into the lunch box of her
daughter who has special needs. The depictions are of her daughter and are
done to encourage the child and celebrate her milestones. Briseño has been
doing this now since her daughter began school over 4 years ago and has
accumulated over 400 of them. The Millet House Gallery is proud to show
an exemplary selection of the heartwarming artworks.

Supporting artists investigate and explore the happiness they found as a
child or within a child.

Juried artist:
Andy C., Ronalyn Torres,Xandriss, Melissa McGhie, Esteban Cruz , Samantha Vega, Khue Hoang, Azaria Cordova, Tara Kosciukiewicz , Zacarias Cabrera, Zeyla Cabrera, Jaime Glasser, Sigrun Maldonado, Kaitlyn McGhie, Abeni Jackson, Sam Itza


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