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Our contribution to Art Detour 35 includes an exhibit curated by Millet House artist Vanessa Ortiz Zapata. All events and works included in the exhibit will be showcased online as well as in the physical gallery. Our events are family friendly. Plus, snacks!

We will be adding one artwork from the exhibit daily. Follow our Instagram the.millet.house for the latest info!

Wish to acquire a piece from this stunning show? A link to purchase each work is provided below the art. You can use PayPal or any credit card listed to purchase. Art work can be picked up, delivered or mailed free within the continental United States.

“Go Get ‘Em”

Barbarann Mainzer

16 x 20 inch



Barbarann writes of her inspiration, “Usually painting animals, I ventured into a western rancher series of paintings with doubt. My first attempt was boots and spurs (from behind) resting on a rail.  A coil of rope filled the space. I was intrigued with the rope. Next painting was a Mexican saddle, again with rope. Then came a rancher feeling the weight and sturdiness of the rope. Finally, this horse charging at me while his rider is intent on using the rope to catch the runaway, was a painting I just had to try to capture.”


“Go Get ‘Em” is available for purchase


“Back Country Vista”

Kathy Henderson

12 x 16 inch

Oil and Cold Wax

“Back Country Vista” is available for purchase


“Desert Vibe”

Alison Williams

24 x 20 inch

Felted Wall Hanging of Wool and Felt

“Desert Vibe” is available for purchase


“Scolecite Crystal Pendant”

Sam Art

Hand cut and polished Scolecite Crystal from the ISLE OF SKYE, Scotland

Deep blue Labradorite

Solid Sterling Silver Wire Work

Stainless Omega Collar

“Scolecite Crystal Pendant” is available for purchase


“Pendant and Collar Featuring Hand Cut and Polished Bumblebee Jasper from Indonesia”

Sam Art

Black Onyx

Hand Formed Artisan Clay With Silver and Stainless Accents

Wrapped in Solid Sterling Silver

Stainless Omega Collar

“Pendant and Collar Featuring Bumblebee Jasper” is available for purchase:


“Prickly Pear With Blue Flower”

Gail A. McFarland

25 x 30 inch


Gail writes, “In my painting ‘Prickly Pear With Blue Flowers’, I chose to invert the colors of the prickly pear flower and the sky have the viewer focus on the warmth of the days when prickly pear cacti bloom.”

‘Prickly Pear With Blue Flowers’ is available for purchase


“Cactus Blossom, Yellow”

Kathy Mitchell

16 x 20 inch



Kathy writes of her process, “I love the transparency of watercolor and the textures of cactus. I try to combine the texture and softness of watercolor to create an interesting technique with the rough paper and different brush strokes. I am a colorist and enjoy the colors of nature in my landscape paintings.”

“Cactus Blossom, Yellow” is available for purchase.


“Wild Stallion and Mare”

Lisa Manifold

20 x 25 inch framed


Lisa writes, “The piece juried in to the Desert Art Show at the Millet House is of two wild horses in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The one on the left is the stallion and the other a mare. I sat and watched this band for a few hours. After a period of grazing followed by a nap the mare nudged the stallion awake to let him know it was time for him to move the band onto a new grazing area. Always reminds me of the Mother in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when she says the ‘The Man is the head but, the Woman is the neck’. And so goes the yin and yang of the sexes… even in the wild.”

“Wild Stallion and Mare” is available for purchase:


“Owl Life”

Vanessa Ortiz

18 x 24 inch

Oil on Canvas

“Owl Life” was Vanessa’s first desert painting. While hiking, a hawk appeared to fly straight at Vanessa, but then swooped down to snatch up a snake before either reached her. To Vanessa, this was a sign that the desert would protect her if she chose to paint it.

“Owl Life” is available for purchase:


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