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Help us Help Others!

Artists are having a difficult time, with shows and festivals drying up. Nonprofits are having a difficult time. The Millet House is a 501©3 under our original name, Floaters Foundation. Our EIN is 41-3172967.  Our mission is to support people from marginalized populations by giving them a chance to enter the art world via a real life, professional gallery that draws professional artists to exhibit here as featured artists or juried supporting artists. (“Floaters” is from the Japanese word for “homeless.”) A core group of emerging artists learns all the ins and outs of running a gallery, while professional, established artists advise us.

There are many ways to support the Millet House!

  1. Attend our events, talk to the artists and volunteers and encourage their work. In 2020 and early (we hope) 2021, our events are online. Email to join our mailing list, or watch the site for Opening Receptions and more.
  2. Volunteer! We always need help. We have plans of rebuilding a ramada in our courtyard, once it’s safe. Come to our Zooms and invite your friends!
  3. Buy art! We need collectors! In Covid times, 80% goes directly to the artist, while 20% of all sales go to help keep the Millet open and to supply emergency funds for those artists who are in need (light rail passes, etc.)
  4. We love in-kind donations; art supplies and children’s books are always needed.
  5. –>> Donate to our Paypal. The Paypal link is here: Donate ! The money goes directly into the Millet House bank account. If you do donate, please drop us a note so that we can properly thank you.
  6. New! Be one of the first to join our subscription-based Patreon, the fundraising site used by professional artists and other creators, at . Our best deal: for $18/month, you will receive a postcard-sized print in the mail of an original work of art! Our hope is to have 150 subscribers by the end of the year. Could happen!
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