Artist Andrea Rogers

Artist Bio: I knew I was an artist the first time I held a pencil, and it has been a constant throughout my life.  I also loved literature. At Northern Arizona University I majored in English and minored in art.  I felt that as an English teacher I would be economically grounded and still have time to do my art. Following graduation, I studied acrylic painting for two semesters under Woody Payne, gaining credit from Arizona State University.

For several years I worked in linocut, and woodcuts, but at the first opportunity I studied intaglio. I attended ASU again and did graduate work there after receiving a printmaking grant from Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority.  A year or so later, my family and I moved to Scottsdale where I bought a press and set up a printmaking studio. There, I did editions of prints for artists, held monoprint workshops and taught drawing to teens. During the summers, I also taught gifted and talented children at both Glendale and Scottsdale Community Colleges.

 For two years, 1988-90, I was resident artist/printmaker at Shemer Art Center. I have had three one person shows, in 1983, 1985 and 2003, and two studio openings, one during the summer of 2013. I initiated a garden show for artists, A Gathering of Artists, which proved to be highly successful for all. I also have done a several commissions, both in mosaic, oil and acrylic. Throughout my art career I have continued to show my work and have an extensive list of collectors.  

I have always painted and continue to do so.  My work can be seen on two sites: and I am open to discussing commissions and have done several in both painting and ceramics.

Artist Statement: Art may duplicate what we see and experience, or challenge us to see a new reality. These paintings represent the future of the planet, as Baha’is around the world live with these goals in front of them.Ending prejudice between peoples is just one step needed to move into a peaceful unified world.

Contact info: or instagram andrearogers8784


Description: The Maid of Heaven listens to the sounds of the universe. References to the writings of the Baha’i faith say that we are “stars of one heaven”, waves of one sea”, and “flowers of one garden.”  The painting is a depiction of those words. Oil on canvas; Artist’s collection.

MAJESTY • Acrylic on Canvas • 10″ x 20″

Description: The black rose honors African Americans. It shows strength, beauty and endurance against a thorny historic background.


Description: The Peacemaker,  holds a rainbow knitted from brown, red, yellow, black and white yarn, the colors of the human race. Unity is created and the world is at peace. 


Description: A boy or girl, of shared racial traits, hopes for beauty and freedom for his or her life. The wishes float in front. Spiritual support is behind the child. The landscape is open and bright, predicting a future of acceptance as a world citizen as what you look like no longer matters.


Description: The child holds the future, represented by the open umbrella of the world. The child needs protection, but as we know, children, at this point in time are not the priority they should be.  When we have unity, all children will flourish under the world umbrella. 

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