Artist Dale Miller

    My art grabs you by your innermost being, giving you the boldness to take the bull by the horns  and charge forward through your day. The power portrayed in each piece awards you the courage, the strength, and the capability to kick whatever life puts in your path out of your way. All your fears, all your obstacles, and all your past defeats will vanish as you are empowered by each artistic brushstroke and grow more confident and encouraged with each victory achieved. The intricate detail commands you to be the winner you were born to be. Be strong, be brave, and keep moving forward in a positive way. Always excel in all you do never letting anything hold you back.

Bewitching Beauty

Mesmerizing charm turns from beauty to beast to conquer all her fears and move her up to reach all her dreams.

Virtual Room: Masquerade/Maskerade

Medium: Mixed Media and Oil

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Price: $600

To pay through PayPal, use this link: Donate to purchase this work. Please add your contact information and the title of the painting.

Dale exhibited in our 2020 Silver Linings show.

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   About Dale: Artist Bio

    Dale Miller was born on the rolling hills of West Virginia and grew up in the small town of Hedgesville with his mom, dad, and four sisters. The community he grew up in was one where everyone knew each other. Dale loved the country life and at a young age expressed his passion for art but was encouraged to pursue a different path. He gained good work ethics by working hard when called on by neighbors to mow yards, trim trees, bale hay, and shovel snow in the winter. Still putting his yearning for art aside he chose to serve his country. Dale enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and served over four years on active duty as a Marine Corps Infantryman and Marine Corps Security Forces. He completed his military service and stepped into civilian life choosing to pursue the challenges of becoming a prison guard. 

    After working over a decade as a prison guard, Dale bravely conquered his fear and changed his destiny by enrolling at the Milan Art Institute to pursue his lifetime dream of becoming a professional artist. With confidence and a positive attitude he realized he is able to do anything he sets his mind to. Dale overcame self-doubt and chose not to let anything hold him back from pursuing his dreams.

    Dale enjoys painting with mixed media, inks, and oils to portray personal power using God’s creation in nature and animals. Dale loves painting in his studio where he has a view of sunshine, animals, and nature just outside the window as he works on his latest creations. Dale enjoys the intricate detail of the eyes as he believes the opening of your eyes is the first step toward fulfilling your dreams. Dale enjoys striving for, living out, and sharing his dreams with his supporting wife and four beautiful daughters. Dale plans to continue painting and using unique canvas designs in the future to enhance his work and bring more character to his paintings.  

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