Artist MycWyse

Mycwyse is a multimedia artist and improvisational music looper. Born and raised in Mesa/Chandler, Mycwyse worked with special needs for a decade plus in center, in school and in home… during that time he confirmed his belief that his mind worked so well in this field because in his late 30s he had it diagnosed that he has ADHD and Aspergers as he had expected after years of deep connections with those whose communications were different that his brain was special.

Mycwyse works now to improve his abilities in sharing and wishes to find balance in standing up and standing out as an example of what can be achieved with a supportive circle of friends like the Millet House and other opportunities to shine light in the community while riding his Onewheel head on into the future.

Check him do his wheel at @mycwyse on IG or watch his former life as a pro Astrojax player on his old YouTube channels Mycwyse and theHTMSS. Mycwyse is eclectic and a huge OW nerd.

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