Archived: Silver Linings

“Monsoon” by Vanessa Ortiz Zapata. Available in the Second Room: Eye of the Storm..

Hello, visitor! Opening Reception will take place on the Millet House Zoom, Friday October 9, 5:30-7 pm. Participating artists will be there to discuss their work. Dress up from the waist up or comb your hair at least; you will have to bring your own wine or apple juice, grapes and cheese until we can meet again in person. We are a small but vibrant nonprofit focused on bringing together artists from all walks of life, both established or emerging, in the belief that we can all learn from one another. To purchase a work, you will “donate” the purchase amount to the Millet House. After you receive the art, a check will be sent to the artist. The Millet House receives a 20% commission, discounted from our usual 30% in these Covid times. Commissions go to program expenses. We have some amazing artists with much to give you in the way of Silver Linings. Please enjoy! Are you an artist? New call coming soon!

As pandemic times continue,

some find a Silver Lining.

In the exhibit, we ask the question of our artists, what of value has come your way during this time? What do you want to remember, to take with you when we reach the other side?

We know that some have had no silver lining at all, and so we invited them to share their perspective as well. That option is still open, when you are ready.

For lo these many years, artists and those interested in art and in our mission have met on Thursdays, over pizza, and later also on Sunday afternoons. Now we have, in today’s parlance, pivoted: we meet on Zoom, in an open house from 5:50 to 7 pm. All are invited — the login information is shared each week on our web page and in our Instagram bio.

It was this Zoom group that designed our current show, originally intended as a small popup show. However, creators still feel strongly called to “interpret ourselves (and our times) to ourselves” and among our audience members, the thirst for art has continued.

Because a virtual gallery can be of almost infinite size, the group decided on three virtual rooms for this show, each with a separate sub-theme: please stroll and scroll through. We are using the money that normally would be used for refreshments and program expenses to tide some of our artists over in this time, so your “tips” are also welcome. But please focus on the art, which is here to feed your spirit.

First Room: Embrace

Artists were given the choice of what to embrace, with interesting and sometimes enlightening results.

Second Room: Eye of the Storm

In the interim between our first and second virtual shows, some experienced a quieter time.

Third Room: Masquerade/ Maskerade

In these times, in pretending that all we are living through is still normal, we are all wearing masques — in addition to masks.

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