One more virtual show, October 1, 2021 through November 12: “Soul Food and Super Heroes” featuring the art of Therosia Reynolds!!

The Millet House Reopening is happening October 1, 2021 through November 12, in close collaboration with Mesa’s Artspace Lofts! The Millet House will provide the virtual exhibit as we are not quite ready for a full reopening. Other events will take place at the Mesa Artspace Lofts. Watch this space for more details. We do hope to host smaller outdoor events, should they be safe, during the Fall months.

Opening Reception/Birthday Bash – October 1st It’s Therosia’s birthday! There will be birthday cake and a DJ! Therosia plans a Scavenger Hunt-type activity with each piece: prizes will be awarded October 8. 

Second Friday Super Hero Night – October 8th – Wear a costume if you like!  Children and adults can make masks, at an activity table outdoors. There will be food trucks! Prizes will be awarded for the Scavenger Hunt begun last week. 

Live Paint Night – October 29th – Max 10 guests but we will stream online as well. Registration info will be posted. This is an outdoor event: Paint may be spattered! Wear old clothes. 

Art Discussion Night – November 5th – Limited tickets available: info will be posted. 

Performance Night and Mini Concert – November 12th 

Open House: Autism – Super Wondrous Spectrum

Each Friday, 5:30-7 pm Arizona/PDT our Artist Collective meets on Zoom to discuss art, our current show (“Autism: Super Wondrous Spectrum”) and our plans for what we are doing next! Check here each Friday for login information and be sure to bring a guest.

Do check out the art exhibition for Autism: Super Wondrous Spectrum as well as Daniel Walter’s “Sunburst Project” RAFFLE of original art!

Autism: Super Wondrous Spectrum

April is Autism Awareness Month, and our exhibition is curated by well-known member of the Valley art community, Killian “Peach Cinnamon” Nauman. Peach and her committee have been holding an inclusive virtual art exhibition, along with virtual but live Saturday concerts! poetry readings! a raffle! weekly Zooms! and more.

Everyone is welcome to participate, on or off the Super Wondrous Spectrum. Check the Art Call and email The Millet House if you have art or ideas.

The raffle will be for art by Daniel Walters, on the Sunburst Project. Tickets for the raffle are still available! For each dollar towards any of eight pieces, you have one chance to win. For $10 you have ten chances, etc.

Thank you for supporting Autism Awareness.

A word of thanks is in order as we say goodbye to March 2021: We loved being part of Art April is here, and so we say farewell with gratitude to #ArtDetour33.

Let’s Paint Together! Friday, March 31!

Let’s Paint Together, with Vanessa Ortiz Zapata! You are invited! We will gather via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31, 5:30-7pm PDT, the last day of Art Detour 33. Bring your art supplies to the Zoom meeting. Vanessa will supply the subject. Let’s paint/draw/create art TOGETHER!

Millet House Art Detour Schedule

The Millet House schedule includes four events during the final days of Art Detour 33, March 24-31! All are virtual.

Live Painting with Therosia Reynolds! Wednesday, March 24, 5:30-7 pm. If you missed it, check out The Millet House on Facebook, where the FB Live event can be seen. Art Detour is almost over – time to fill your spirit with all the art events you can!

Therosia’s event is still available on the Millet House Facebook page:

The Art of Tori Weston! Thursday, March 25, 5:30-7 pm. This was an amazing and inspiring evening. Tori Weston hosted an evening on Zoom that was also streamed as a Millet House Facebook Live event. You can watch most of it on our Facebook page. Tori is one of the contributing artists in Marva Harris’s “I Know Why,” currently on virtual display at The Millet House (see link in the menu above.) Tori received her MFA in creative writing from Emerson College and oversees their Art & Communication Pre-College Program. 

Tori’s event is still available on the Millet House Facebook page:

Marva Interviews: Children and Art! Friday, March 26, 5:30-7 pm PACIFIC time. Marva Harris interviewed children about their art, on the Millet House Zoom. All children are artists! Children were invited to attend and to bring their art if they wish to be interviewed, or they could attend as audience members. Young children attended with a grownup of course. On Zoom only – this was not streamed to Facebook Live due to the age of the participants. Marva is an experienced drama teacher and knows how to interview children while setting them at ease.

Let’s Paint Together, with Vanessa Ortiz Zapata! You are invited! We will gather via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31, 5:30-7pm, the last day of Art Detour 33. Bring your art supplies to the Zoom. Vanessa will supply the subject. Let’s paint/draw/create art TOGETHER!

And stay in touch: April is Autism Awareness Month, and our exhibition will be curated by well-known member of the Valley art community, Killian “Peach Cinnamon” Nauman. Want to be involved? Email us at or check out the info under the Art Calls menu item, above. Have art to submit? include images with size, medium, suggested price. You will be sent a form to sign giving The Millet House permission to display your art. Have other ideas for Autism Awareness Month? Contact us by email.

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Friday, March 19, 5:30-7 pm Pacific time: We gathered at the (virtual) Millet House Open House on Zoom to plan for/discuss OUR plans for Autism Awareness Month. Nine people attended. Killian “Peach Cinnamon” Nauman has chosen the theme: “Autism: Super Wondrous Spectrum.”

Our (virtual) Autism Awareness Month exhibition begins April 2 and will run all month.

All interested are apply: to get started, send an email to

Marva Harris: “I Know Why”

Marva’s “I Know Why” is rapidly gaining recognition. Her art and her poetry come together in a brief but powerful video covering her personal as well as our shared 2020 experiences; her work is also a Black History project that was coincidentally set to open at the end of February to honor her grandmother’s birthday – and now it’s part of Art Detour 33!

To see her virtual exhibition on the Millet House website: Just click the “I Know Why” link, above, in the Menu.

Therosia Reynolds TODAY Wednesday March 10 ZOOM!

Zoom with us beginning at 5:30pm! Therosia Reynolds brings her popular Live Painting with Therosia event to the Millet House Zoom! Wednesday, March 10, 5:30-7pm. Charismatic, authentic, passionate and talented, Therosia will enlighten and entertain you.

Thank you for attending! The recording is available on our Facebook page, – it’s pretty wonderful, especially after the 13-minute mark, as during the first part we were learning how to connect Zoom to Facebook Live.

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IMAGINE: What Keeps Us From Unity? – Panel Discussion Friday March 5 2021

Tonight, Friday, March 5, 5:50-7 pm! Excited for the second showing of this panel discussion, which covers topics important to all of us. Thank you for coming! We loved seeing you. If you missed it, the video will be available on the Millet House website after Art Detour.

Moderated by Ebone “Muse” Johnson, the panel is made up of the following six artists: Tiesha Harrison, Therosia Reynolds, Nik Ridley, Jared Aubel, Andrea Rogers and Skye Rocket.

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Marva Harris, “I Know Why”

Please attend the public opening of Marva Harris’s multimedia exhibition tonight, Thursday, March 4, 5:30-7 pm. This will be a virtual event on the Millet House Zoom!

With a background in theater and storytelling (and in mentoring young aspiring drama students), Marva has created a spoken word piece that she will release during the Zoom. The spoken word piece ties together and is illustrated by the paintings exhibited on the Millet House site, and by midnight tomorrow the text will be displayed with the appropriate images – but text is just text, so if you want to meet and hear her in person, please login between 5:30 and seven pm:

Meeting ID: 897 0279 6671
Passcode: 244137

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