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Arizona Gives Day 2020

Note: it’s OK to donate if you don’t live in Arizona!

Yes, it’s Arizona Gives Day, through the Network for Good, and The Millet House has a donation page through our 501(c)3, the Floaters Foundation:

We can use all the help we can get! Nonprofits in general are scrambling to pay bills and figure out how to do their work, as you can imagine. And so are we. Every little bit helps, and that’s the truth!


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Update: March 2020. And now April!

If you’ve come here to donate, here is the link! Donate !

Nonprofits, like everyone else, are having a hard time right now, though the needs they serve haven’t gone away. You can help us and our Art Collective by clicking our Paypal link: Donate ! The money goes directly into the Millet House bank account. If you do donate, please add a note so that we can properly thank you. For other ways to donate, check out the “In the Mood to Do Some Good?”

Update! The Millet House has canceled all in-person gatherings and get togethers, for now. We are working on some cool virtual workshops though, including an interactive poetry writing workshop to be presented by artist Jacob Bush. This is scheduled for 11 am on April 4. Also: if you need a listening ear or just want to hang out virtually, you are welcome to call or text. And if there’s anything the Millet House has that you need, just say so – it will be on the porch when you come by. We have some very special kid books, art supplies, etc. All have been set aside and not touched for 3 days, and will be moved with gloves, so you can know they are safe! “Flattening the curve” since last Friday!

A good idea: if you feel comfortable doing so, choose a few favorite nonprofits and send each one even a bit. It will be appreciated. Then, share the idea!



What’s Happening at the Millet House?

We have news! Our Fall and Winter shows have been selected, with a great slate of featured artists. More details shortly.

We had so many great applications that we’ve already chosen two of the 2021 shows! So, if you are interested, please go to the Art Calls tab and download the application. We’d love to see your work.

What’s Happening at The Millet House?

What’s happening at The Millet House this week?
It’s a big week! This week is your last chance to see our current exhibit, Mystical Jubilee, with Gilat Ben-Dor, featured artist, and a group of talented supporting artists!

Also, as always: we make art, and you are invited to come make art with us!

Open this week:
10-3pm on Wednesday, Jan 29
6-9 pm Friday, Jan 31 for the show’s Closing Reception, and
4-8 pm Sunday Feb 2 for Paint and Pizza!
Also by appointment (call/text/email)

“Mystical Jubilee” Through Jan 31 2020

The reception was festive, the art spectacular, the food delicious! Here, featured artist Gilat Ben-Dor is presented with a bouquet. To see the art, visit the Millet House if you can – or visit the “Daily Taste of Art” tab, above – we will be posting images from the show regularly.

Gilat and Flowers

New Show! Opening Reception for “Mystical Jubilee” is December 6, from 6 to 9pm

Gilat promo image

This is a gorgeous show! – In this lush exhibit, artist Gilat Ben-Dor combines richly detailed figures and ornament, forming an interplay of fantasy and elegance reminiscent of a holiday dreamland in faraway lands. The focus is on ethereal festivity geared to all. This open celebration of joyous pageantry allows for a wide range of interpretations by the supporting artists. An invited group of artists accompanies this featured exhibit.

Ongoing at The Millet! Yo’oriwamta Suaapo Into/Protect the Sacred

Through November 30 only, The Millet House hosts Featured Artist Sai’la Gu’oi (Abel Ochoa, Yaqui/Yoeme with an exhibit of great beauty that showcases cultural and political issues. Open hours in November include Mondays and Wednesdays 10-2 pm, and Sunday evenings 6-9 pm, and by appointment.

(You can also visit the gallery during our volunteer hours on Tuesday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Saturdays: but please call, text or email first.)

Wall of paintings

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