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“Mystical Jubilee” Through Jan 31 2020

The reception was festive, the art spectacular, the food delicious! Here, featured artist Gilat Ben-Dor is presented with a bouquet. To see the art, visit the Millet House if you can – or visit the “Daily Taste of Art” tab, above – we will be posting images from the show regularly.

Gilat and Flowers

New Show! Opening Reception for “Mystical Jubilee” is December 6, from 6 to 9pm

Gilat promo image

This is a gorgeous show! – In this lush exhibit, artist Gilat Ben-Dor combines richly detailed figures and ornament, forming an interplay of fantasy and elegance reminiscent of a holiday dreamland in faraway lands. The focus is on ethereal festivity geared to all. This open celebration of joyous pageantry allows for a wide range of interpretations by the supporting artists. An invited group of artists accompanies this featured exhibit.

Ongoing at The Millet! Yo’oriwamta Suaapo Into/Protect the Sacred

Through November 30 only, The Millet House hosts Featured Artist Sai’la Gu’oi (Abel Ochoa, Yaqui/Yoeme with an exhibit of great beauty that showcases cultural and political issues. Open hours in November include Mondays and Wednesdays 10-2 pm, and Sunday evenings 6-9 pm, and by appointment.

(You can also visit the gallery during our volunteer hours on Tuesday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Saturdays: but please call, text or email first.)

Wall of paintings

Closing Reception for “Badass Latina Women” October 25, 6-10 pm

Vanessa's image

The show will continue through October 31 for those who missed it, but the Closing Reception is Friday, October 25. It will be fun: the Badass ladies know how to have fun!

Art + Life

“Art + Life”: a stellar set of spoken word and song performances by TaLisa, Therosia and Angeles Peña that gave the audience chills. If you missed it – maybe we can do it again sometime. It would be well worth your time. Below: applause for TaLisa as she tells a story based on her journey as an emerging artist in Arizona.



This Week at The Millet House: Oct 13-19

“Badass Latina Women”, with Artist Vanessa Ortiz Zapata as featured artist, is up until October 31 at The Millet House.

Come see us! Our current regular Open Hours are:
Mondays 10-2pm
Wednesdays 10-2pm
Sunday evenings 6-9pm for Open Paint (come do art with us for free!)

Or contact The Millet House for an appointment, no strings attached.

(We are all volunteers, and so other hours vary depending on who volunteers to hold open the Gallery. However the above days are days you can count on!)

Ten artists slightly cropped

This Week at The Millet House: Oct 7-Oct 12, 2019


Open Hours galore this week! Come one, come all!

Monday, October 7: 10am-2pm

Closed Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 9: 10am-2pm

Thursday, October 10: 10am-2pm

Closed Friday!

Friday, October 11, 6-10 pm: SPECIAL TREAT: ART + LIFE! Performances, Panel and more!

Artist TaLisa will perform short stories from her journey as an emerging artist in Arizona. A panel discussion follows and will tackle the subjects of art, business, and art collecting. 

And, as (almost) always: Sunday, October 13: Open House/Open Paint or Draw Night, 6-9pm. It’s almost time to think about our 2020 shows; give us your input.



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