Weekly Zooms continue..August 7 was stellar!

Zoom prep Vanessa in studio

Above: Vanessa Ortiz Zapata in her studio, preparing to present to The Millet House

Fridays are Zoom Meeting days at The Millet House, from 5:30 to 7pm or thereabouts. Drop in any time to meet artists. We have fascinating discussions! And on Friday August 7 we were treated to a live demo by artist Vanessa Ortiz Zapata that had us all saying “Wow!” Vanessa introduced us to a whole range of tools (and, at the very end, one lucky participant guessed closest to the secret number and will receive an original painting in the mail!) Vanessa is an experienced, professional and fascinating teacher. Thank you so much, Vanessa! (Everyone is invited to our Zooms, which due to the pandemic have replaced our weekly face to face Pizza and Art Meetings. Zoom info is posted each week on our website: http://themillethouse.com )

Zoom Workspace Vanessa

Above: Vanessa’s workspace, shared via Zoom

August 7 @ 5:30 pm: Open House (via Zoom); Vanessa Ortiz will co-host!

This Friday and every Friday at 5:30 pm!

Zoom with us, meet the exhibiting artists and hear about their work and their inspiration. On August 7 Vanessa Ortiz, who is exhibiting in our current show, will co-host and delight us with a demo. We have also been discussing murals and street art. These are all good conversations so we hope you’ll join us.

In pre-Covid days a group of us met weekly for nearly twenty years, before there was even a Millet House. We gathered for pizza, for computer lessons, for art making. We established a nonprofit and a gallery, the Millet House. In March 2020 our investigations into technology paid off as we were able to easily help the Millet House transition to online art exhibits and weekly Zoom meetings. No pizza, alas, but the silver lining is that more people can get to the meeting. You are invited to participate.

Opening Reception: Zoom, Friday June 26, 5:30 pm

Come and meet the artists! 5:30 pm PT

Also in the works: regular weekly Open House meetings, also in Zoom. With a face-to-face show we’d also have regular weekly Open House meetings, Pizza and Art nights. Sorry that we cannot provide you with pizza, but if there is an artist you’d like to meet, let us know and we will try to arrange it.


art while apART/Black Lives Matter is Live!

The show is listed in the top menu or you can  click here: art while apART/Black Lives Matter.

Note: To purchase art, you will “donate” the amount to our small nonprofit’s Paypal, as that is how we currently accept payment. The money goes directly to the Millet House bank account, and the donation link is secure, so please do use it.

We will be adding a few more works of art over the coming days. Then, on Friday June 26, we will hold a Zoom reception so that you can all meet the artists. If all goes well we may even Zoom on a weekly basis so that all can attend.



It’s Almost Time!

art while apART/Black Lives Matters opens at 6:30 pm June 18th!

On the day of an opening we would normally be preparing for a Reception at the Gallery. This is a little different.

At 6:30 pm, instead of opening the doors, the show will go live. This will be a “soft opening” and you are absolutely encouraged to come on in and check out the art. Then, after the artists have the opportunity to virtually walk through, there will be a Zoom reception, sometime next week.

We can’t share wine, cheese and grapes but we CAN give you a chance to meet the artists, so stay tuned.

We hope to do this several times throughout the show. It’s an important show, we think, and the artists deserve a chance to share their thoughts  – and so do you.

Last Call! Art While Apart/Black Lives Matter!



We are having an ONLINE ONLY June show  @themillethouse  and YOU are invited to submit art! It was originally themed #ArtWhileApART when we were  ONLY dealing with a global pandemic. 

Now you are also invited to express yourself with art about not only isolation and fear about Covid-19 but also Black Lives Matter,  social justice, injustice, rascism or any reactions to the current times

Art will be featured on the website, Etsy Shop, FB and artists will be responsible for shipping the artwork once sold. A reduced 20% commission will go to the Millet House to continue our non profit mandate to support creatives, the marginalized and build a just, connected community for all in Downtown Mesa, Arizona.

#artisgood #themillethouse #makeart #support #local #artists

Last Call

Update: Call for Art “art while apART”

Historically it’s always been the artists who interpret ourselves to ourselves, who can channel events of the day into art and who can make times of societal upheaval comprehensible. We have at least two such upheaval events going on right now, the pandemic and the responses to racism and the torture and death of George Lloyd. If you are an artist who has been expressing your experiences through art over the past months, please know that the rest of the world needs you now. Please add to the historic record. We invite you to place at least one such work in our upcoming show, “art while apART” at The Millet House. Application is due June 10 and show is June 15-26.  There will now only an online version of the show as we in Arizona are currently experiencing an uptick in hospitalizations/cases. Send an email to themillethouse@gmail.com to apply! Please include a good photo with title, size, and price of the work. 

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Call for Art for “art while apART”

Exciting news: we are planning an experimental social distancing show. Here’s the plan. If you are an artist who created art in the last few months, you are invited to show at least one piece with us during late June. As there will be an accompanying online show, you can also submit a photo for the online show only. Interested? send an email to themillethouse@gmail.com by June 10 with title, photo of the work, size and price. We will respond with a brief application for you to (virtually) sign and return by email. Let’s celebrate the work we have done, and share it with the world. Show will be up June 15-26. Online sales here have been going well through our gift shop, so maybe we can keep the momentum going!

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Mother’s Day Sale! Ongoing Until May 10!

Joy by Jaime

New #art for #mothersday available at The Millet House #mothersday #sale! We will pack, wrap and send it for you #snailmail – or if you are local, you can choose Porch Pickup from the Millet House porch.

We’ll be adding more special Mothers Day art daily in our Etsy Gift Shop at http://etsy.com/shop/themillethouse

This piece is “Joy” 5×6 inches, an original signed collage mixed media by Downtown Mesa artist Jaime Glasser, $42 (+ $10 wrap-and-ship if you choose that option), with the commission going to support The Millet House nonprofit community gathering space and gallery in #downtownmesaarizona . Whether you will be spending time with Mother or not, this is a lovely way to make her (or any other mother person) happy on a special day.

More art to follow! Check out the Gift Shop!  http://etsy.com/shop/themillethouse

(Also! Have you checked out the Art of the Day tab, in the menu above? Most of the pandemic-era art [posted in March and April 2020] is also on sale. Ask us for prices.)

Arizona Gives Day 2020

Note: it’s OK to donate if you don’t live in Arizona!

Yes, it’s Arizona Gives Day, through the Network for Good, and The Millet House has a donation page through our 501(c)3, the Floaters Foundation: https://www.azgives.org/FloatersFoundation

We can use all the help we can get! Nonprofits in general are scrambling to pay bills and figure out how to do their work, as you can imagine. And so are we. Every little bit helps, and that’s the truth!


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