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Would you like to view our current show, Badass Latina Women? Would you possibly like to volunteer or exhibit here? Easy! Contact us to make an appointment, or visit during these times:

Open hours this week, September 30-October 6:

Tuesday, October 1, 10am-2pm

Wednesday, October 2, 10am-2pm

Thursday, October 3, 10am-2pm

Sunday, October 6, Open Paint Night, 6pm-9pm. Since it’s Inktober, you might want to come over and ink instead! In general, Sunday evening is a good time to gather and give input on what’s happening at The Millet House. Kids welcome.

Note: we are all volunteers, so Open Hours will change from week to week. For next week’s hours, check back on Sunday or Monday, or give us a call.

Vanessas Book 

A commemorative book of this exhibit contains all of the works along with a paragraph explaining the “badassery” of each woman. $75

Alcohol Ink With Vanessa!

Vanessa is uniquely inspiring. Come be inspired by her at The Millet House!


Badass Latina Women: Week of 9/23-29

A very special workshop on Friday, September 27, 6-9 pm:

Alcohol Ink Workshop, taught by Vanessa Ortiz! For anyone that wants to learn Alcohol Inks on yupo paper. Bring 3 alcohol Ink paints* and the rest will be provided. Fee $45.00.

*(This is so that you can choose your own color scheme – buy at Jerry’s Artarama or Blick’s or Arizona Art Supply – or on Amazon – or at any other art supply store.)

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 2.05.39 PM

Other Open Hours at the Millet House this week:

Tuesday, September 24, 10 am – 2 pm

Wednesday, September 25, 10 am – 2 pm

Thursday, September 26, 6 pm – 9 pm: Open Paint Night – come and paint with us!



“Badass Latina Women”

Ten artists slightly cropped

The September 13 Opening Reception was a delight, with over sixty visitors, plenty of food and drink, and great conversations: if you attended, thank you for coming!

We will be posting Open Hours weekly (they vary since we are all volunteers!) Here they are for the week of September 15:

Monday, September 16, 10 am – 2 pm

Tuesday, September 17, 10 am – 2 pm

Thursday, September 19, 6 pm – 9 pm

We will also be offering some very special workshops during the exhibit, which continues until October 31. Stay tuned!

Above: nine Badass supporting artists with Vanessa Ortiz, center in black, featured artist. Vanessa chose the theme; supporting artists interpreted the theme in their own fashion. We will be highlighting each one during the course of the exhibit. 

Fall/Winter 2019 Exhibit Season

Announcing The Millet House Fall and Winter season:

“Badass Latina Women”

Featured Artist Vanessa Ortiz

September 13, 2019 – October 31, 2019

The exhibit will feature multiple portraits of Latinas from all eras in time. These are icons that every young Latina has looked up to. The exhibit is from the Artist’s point of view, reminding herself of how much Latinas have overcome in their own lives. The levels of pain and suffering are high yet through it all they have created beautiful artwork. The artist hopes to empower young women and older women, telling them that life can be beautiful if they only embrace themselves and their talent. Visitors will discover ladies they never thought were Latina. An invited show will accompany the featured artist.


“Yo’oriwamta Suaapo”

(Protect the Sacred)

Featured Artist Sai’la Gu’oi

November 8, 2019 – November 30, 2019

The exhibit will showcase art that addresses Native American issues: political, environmental, social. The artist is Yaqui/Yoeme and a member of the Bow Leader society. An invited show will accompany the featured artist. 


“Mystical Jubilee”

Featured Artist Gilat Ben-Dor

Supported by juried artists and the Millet House Art Collective

December 6, 2019 – January 31, 2020

In this lush exhibit, artist Gilat Ben-Dor combines richly detailed figures and ornament, forming an interplay of fantasy and elegance reminiscent of a holiday dreamland in faraway lands. The focus will be on ethereal festivity geared to all. This open celebration of joyous pageantry allows for a wide range of interpretations by the supporting artists. An invited group of artists will accompany this featured exhibit. 

Circles: Linda “Rainbow” Westlund

rainbowwestlundygddrisilWelcome to 2019 at the Millet House! Have you noticed our Circles event? Opening reception is February 8, Mesa Second Friday, 6-9 pm. The show will continue through March 9. The featured artist, Rainbow Westlund, says it takes her years to finish each painting.

Also happening: We will be hosting Vermin Supreme, America’s longest-running Presidential Candidate, at the Millet House on Thursday, February 14, 7-11 pm. Filmmaker Rod Webber will show the rough cut of his brand-new film, “This is Vermin Supreme”, at our weekly pizza night! Both Vermin and Rod will be present and will answer questions. Vermin is a performance artist and peacemaker who uses humor to defuse tense situations. He also wears a boot on his head.

Rod Vermin Flowers Toothbrush copy

AND our usual schedule is in place:

Tuesday mornings, 10am-noon, Art Journaling with Adrian Black. You don’t have to be an artist. We are using art to identify societal issues and come up with solutions. Coffee, tea available for the asking.

Thursday evenings, 6pm-whenever we are done (usually around 8 or 9pm), Pizza Night! and planning sessions. Come for a piece of pizza and an update on what we are doing.

Sunday afternoon, 4pm-7pm, free painting (literally) – come and paint with our supplies, many of which were donated. Or bring us some! We can especially use more canvases/canvas boards. OR, thirdly, bring your own project of any sort to work on. This weekly event is for artists AND for absolute beginners, so don’t be shy. There’s also a light supper if you get hungry, noodles or salad or some such, vegetarian and gluten free. .

November 27 is #GivingTuesday!

Nonprofits the world over are more needed than ever. Our nonprofit, the Floaters Foundation, works through The Millet House to help marginalized people create a better life. You can show some love by donating any amount! Even $5 will be helpful!

Donate to our Paypal. The Paypal link is here: Donate ! The money goes directly into the Millet House bank account. If you do donate, please add a note so that we can properly thank you!

More options to support The Millet House here: In the Mood to Do Some Good?

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