Art Detour 33 is Here..Plus, Zoom Open House/Sneak Preview

Artist Marva Harris debuts her exhibition “I Know Why” at The Millet House on February 27, when Art Detour begins. This is one of the most important art events in the Phoenix area; and this year, the 33rd, the celebration will continue for 33 days, from February 27 to March 31.

Much about the event this year will be virtual, as will The Millet House’s entry. We have learned a great deal about the uses of technology in art this year, though, and Marva has some surprises for us!

And a very special Heads Up : On  Friday Feb 26 we will host a “VIP Opening” and Sneak Preview for Marva Harris, whose “I Know Why” paintings will be shown beginning February 27 as part of Black History Month. On March 4, Marva will premiere a video performance with a spoken piece that ties the art together.

Millet House Zooms!

Fridays in February: Zoom Open House. Drop in any time between 5:30 and 7 pm to talk about art.

Login info will be posted here on Fridays.

Also: Zoom Panel Discussion took place Saturday Jan 23 at 4 pm Arizona/Mtn Time! The culminating event for “IMAGINE: What Keeps Us From Unity?” is a panel discussion of the themes and topics covered in the art for this exhibition. All six artists will participate, and the amazing Ebone “Muse” Johnson will moderate. All are invited who wish to learn. After uploading to YouTube, it will be posted on this page – because it’s well worth your time to watch.

This exhibition has been released over the past week and has featured one new artist each day. Each participating artist created a video about their work and contributed at least three pieces to the exhibition:

IMAGINE: What Keeps Us From Unity?

This was an amazing discussion. With gratitude to each of the artists: Jared Aubel – Andrea Rogers  – Nik Ridley – Skye Rockett – Therosia Reynolds – and Tiesha Harrison. Special thanks go to Therosia Reynolds and Tiesha Harrison, co-curators.

Today • January 22 • 2021 • Tiesha Harrison is Featured Artist!

Tiesha Harrison is co-organizer of our current show, “Imagine: What Keeps Us From Unity”, as well as a participating artist. Watch the video on her FaceBook page and follow the links to see her available art and prints from the exhibit.

You can also view the video here: and then follow the link to view her amazing contributions to the project.

It’s an incredible video. You will be so glad that you experienced it. This is another work of art in itself. And then be sure to check out Tiesha’s FaceBook page!


Imagine: What Keeps Us From Unity

View our exhibit in the Regional Unity Artwalk via the menu bar above or via this link: Imagine: What Keeps Us From Unity

The virtual Unity Artwalk is the response of seven local cities to the pandemic situation, which has meant that many MLK events had to be cancelled. We are pleased and proud to be able to participate along with many other fine artists and institutions. Our project is entitled “Imagine: What Keeps Us From Unity” and is co-curated by Tiesha Harrison and Therosia Reynolds, two of the participating artists.

Each of six artists – Jared Aubel, Andrea Rogers, Nik Ridley, Skye Rockett, Therosia Reynolds and Tiesha Harrison – has created new works in keeping with the theme. Beginning on January 17, we will release a video each day by one of the artists, and will post the video and that artist’s contributions in a virtual exhibition on our website.

We are releasing videos on the Millet House platform on the following days: 
January 17 – Jared Aubel; January 18th – Andrea Rogers; January 19th – Nik Ridley; January 20th – Skye Rockett; January 21st – Therosia Reynolds; January 22nd – Tiesha Harrison

On Saturday, January 23rd we plan a 4 pm Zoom Call Panel Discussion with the artists and hope you will attend. Login details will be announced here, or email us at for a reminder and login info.

The City of Tempe is coordinating the project via a map that shows each city’s contributions.
You can view the map here: (click “Mesa” at the top of the page!)

Additional information found here:

Here for our weekly Zoom Open House, Friday Jan 22, 5:30pm-7pm? Here’s the link:

Zoom Open House Is Back

5:30-7 pm on Fridays we hold the Millet House (Zoom) Open House. Let’s get together again and talk about art.

Login info for Friday, January 15, 2021:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 3288 9249

Passcode: 970479

The big news is that we are participating in the Unity Art Walk this month. Our exhibit, “Imagine”, is being led by Tiesha Harrison and Therosia Reynolds and we are SO EXCITED. 

Learn more about the Unity Art Walk:

The main focus of the Millet House exhibit will take place on January 18-23, with each of six participating artists releasing a video on subsequent days about work created for this exhibit, and culminating in a Zoom panel discussion on the 23rd. In addition to Tiesha and Therosia, Jared Aubel, Nik Ridley, Andrea Rogers and Skye Day Rockett will participate. We’ll have a special web page where the videos and the art will be posted after each artist presents. More details to come..

AND: Because our exhibit is very high profile and we will be (and already are) getting are visitors to our website, we will want to make sure that it’s easy for visitors to find ALL of our artists. To this end, we will be adding individual artist pages to another tab. If you wish to participate, email as soon as possible (we will run out of time after the 18th, when all energy needs to go to making sure the Imagine project goes smoothly.) If you already have an individual page on the Millet House website, your page will be part of this. 

–> Want to know more? Zoom with us! Fridays, 5:30-7 pm. Login will be posted here.

We Are So Excited!

It’s almost time for the Unity Art Walk, and the Millet House is participating with “Imagine,” led and directed by artists Tiesha Harrison and Therosia Reynolds, who will show their own work along with works by Jared Aubel, Nik Ridley, Andrea Rogers and Skye Rockett Day. For more information visit the City of Mesa website:

From the City of Mesa Unity Art Walk website:

“Each January, residents from the cities and towns of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Guadalupe gather at Tempe Town Lake to celebrate diversity and culture during the annual Regional Unity Walk. While it’s still not safe to gather in large groups, the need for unity is greater than ever.

“In honor of the 18th year of the Regional Unity event, these Valley cities are coming together to host a “Unity ArtWalk: A Visual Journey of Diversity, Culture and Equity.” Each city has compiled a list of signature art pieces, including murals, photos, performances and sculptures for the community to experience. The majority of the featured art is accessible without going indoors, so it’s a safe activity to enjoy as a family outing, date night or even to escape your neighborhood to explore a nearby city.”

Here for the “Celebrate” Exhibit? Check the menu bar above!

In other news, our Millet House Gift Shop is open! Check it out! We’ve made a beginning – lots more to add, so check back later to see more.

And we will recommence our Friday Open House Zooms on January 8, 2021, 5:30-7 pm AZ/Mountain time:

Every Friday, we invite you to join us on Zoom to talk about art. And if you *are* an artist, we invite you to show and discuss your art! We are all ears! And eyes! Send an email to if you’d like to schedule a time to present your art! Time is 5:30-7 pm AZ time, which in winter is the same as Mountain time. (AZ does not do Daily Savings Time. We have sufficient sun, believe me. So in summer we are the same as Pacific time.)

“Celebrate”: an online 2020 exhibit of original art

Looking for Celebrate, the third and last online exhibit of 2020? Click on the link in the red menu bar, above, and you will be taken to the show.

An Opening Reception via Zoom was held on Friday, December 4, but our Friday Zooms continue and you are invited! Each Friday from 5:30-7 pm the Millet House holds a Zoom Open House. Join us for anywhere from five minutes to an hour and a half. Enjoy the new art and meet the artists! You will have to provide your pizza and soda for this virtual Open House, but we can still Celebrate together as we emerge from the darkness of 2020 and prepare for hopefully happy days to come.

Check back here on Friday for login information!

New Art Call! (Plus: Friday Zoom Info!)

New Art Call, for our winter/holiday event, “Celebrate.” Check the ART CALLS tab, in the menu above, for more info.

Here for the Silver Linings show? Click on the Silver Linings — Main Page tab, in the menu above, to get started.

Interested in our weekly Zoom Open House? Return here each Friday for login information. Login at any time from 5:30 to 7 pm AZ/Central time on Friday for as long as you wish. Come talk art with us and meet artists!

Silver Linings Show

Are you here for the show? Check the menu bar above and click on “Silver Linings Main Page.” The show runs until November 15, after which it will be archived.

Interested in our weekly Friday Zoom Open House? Come talk with artists, hear about their work, help plan the future! Drop in any time between 5:30 pm and 7 pm AZ/Pacific time. (We do this weekly and you are invited!) Info posted weekly, on Fridays. Let’s talk about the next show, which will be our holiday event and will include a Gift Shop. Please join us! Come back to the website on Friday to find the login information!

It’s Friday! The Millet House is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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