Artist Antoine Smith

When Antoine Smith is not serving as a firefighter in Hartford, Connecticut, he is creating music, preaching, rapping and working on his photography. One of his favorite subjects is his daughter, Joy Smith.

Joy’s Future – Age Four
Antoine Smith
This photograph utilizes the Capitol building as a backdrop to this talented, creative and precious little Black girl as a commentary on where we are and where we need to go for this ailing America to see her future as brightly as her father does.
Antoine adds, “This photograph of my daughter at the age of four is a powerful reflection of the prayers I pray for my daughter to know how far she can go with God on her side.”

Joy’s Afro
Joy Smith
Digital Art
This piece by Joy Smith – who is now eleven – reflects the beauty and creativity of Black hair styles, making it bright and colorful. Note: Joy Smith has her own page in this exhibition; see her other work here.

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