Circles: Linda “Rainbow” Westlund

rainbowwestlundygddrisilWelcome to 2019 at the Millet House! Have you noticed our Circles event? Opening reception is February 8, Mesa Second Friday, 6-9 pm. The show will continue through March 9. The featured artist, Rainbow Westlund, says it takes her years to finish each painting.

Also happening: We will be hosting Vermin Supreme, America’s longest-running Presidential Candidate, at the Millet House on Thursday, February 14, 7-11 pm. Filmmaker Rod Webber will show the rough cut of his brand-new film, “This is Vermin Supreme”, at our weekly pizza night! Both Vermin and Rod will be present and will answer questions. Vermin is a performance artist and peacemaker who uses humor to defuse tense situations. He also wears a boot on his head.

Rod Vermin Flowers Toothbrush copy

AND our usual schedule is in place:

Tuesday mornings, 10am-noon, Art Journaling with Adrian Black. You don’t have to be an artist. We are using art to identify societal issues and come up with solutions. Coffee, tea available for the asking.

Thursday evenings, 6pm-whenever we are done (usually around 8 or 9pm), Pizza Night! and planning sessions. Come for a piece of pizza and an update on what we are doing.

Sunday afternoon, 4pm-7pm, free painting (literally) – come and paint with our supplies, many of which were donated. Or bring us some! We can especially use more canvases/canvas boards. OR, thirdly, bring your own project of any sort to work on. This weekly event is for artists AND for absolute beginners, so don’t be shy. There’s also a light supper if you get hungry, noodles or salad or some such, vegetarian and gluten free. .

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