Update: Call for Art “art while apART”

Historically it’s always been the artists who interpret ourselves to ourselves, who can channel events of the day into art and who can make times of societal upheaval comprehensible. We have at least two such upheaval events going on right now, the pandemic and the responses to racism and the torture and death of George Lloyd. If you are an artist who has been expressing your experiences through art over the past months, please know that the rest of the world needs you now. Please add to the historic record. We invite you to place at least one such work in our upcoming show, “art while apART” at The Millet House. Application is due June 10 and show is June 15-26.  There will now only an online version of the show as we in Arizona are currently experiencing an uptick in hospitalizations/cases. Send an email to themillethouse@gmail.com to apply! Please include a good photo with title, size, and price of the work. 

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