Prime Days: Oct 13-14 2020!

Prime Days, October 13-14! If you are going to order, please consider going to and selecting Floaters Foundation dba The Millet House as the nonprofit you support. Floaters is our tiny nonprofit, founded when our group’s main activity was to acquire and give older computers to people who were homeless or had been homeless, and then find mentors to teach them. The historic Millet House is the name on the National Registry of the house where we often met.

We morphed into a professional gallery and art collective because 1) the people we worked with were interested in art and 2) it became clear that the only way to actually integrate people on the bottom into society, their stated goal, was to become entirely inclusive. As a professional gallery we serve artists from all walks of life, all appreciating and learning from one another.

One more thing: as a co-founder back in the day I had witnessed the power of consensus, of giving everyone a voice and listening to them. Together we created an organization that actually worked. I felt called back from retirement to do this one more time, with art this time, for art knows no boundaries and does not discriminate among people. With a new, professional Board this year, we are now well on our way to becoming sustainable. Many thanks to our supporters! We love you!

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