Here for the “Celebrate” Exhibit? Check the menu bar above!

In other news, our Millet House Gift Shop is open! Check it out! We’ve made a beginning – lots more to add, so check back later to see more.

And we will recommence our Friday Open House Zooms on January 8, 2021, 5:30-7 pm AZ/Mountain time:

Every Friday, we invite you to join us on Zoom to talk about art. And if you *are* an artist, we invite you to show and discuss your art! We are all ears! And eyes! Send an email to if you’d like to schedule a time to present your art! Time is 5:30-7 pm AZ time, which in winter is the same as Mountain time. (AZ does not do Daily Savings Time. We have sufficient sun, believe me. So in summer we are the same as Pacific time.)

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