Autism: Super Wondrous Spectrum

April is Autism Awareness Month, and our exhibition is curated by well-known member of the Valley art community, Killian “Peach Cinnamon” Nauman. Peach and her committee have been holding an inclusive virtual art exhibition, along with virtual but live Saturday concerts! poetry readings! a raffle! weekly Zooms! and more.

Everyone is welcome to participate, on or off the Super Wondrous Spectrum. Check the Art Call and email The Millet House if you have art or ideas.

The raffle will be for art by Daniel Walters, on the Sunburst Project. Tickets for the raffle are still available! For each dollar towards any of eight pieces, you have one chance to win. For $10 you have ten chances, etc.

Thank you for supporting Autism Awareness.

A word of thanks is in order as we say goodbye to March 2021: We loved being part of Art April is here, and so we say farewell with gratitude to #ArtDetour33.

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