“Celebrating Life” : An all-day event & group show at The Millet House, Dec 16, 2022

We’ll utilize the courtyard, the front yard, and the indoor spaces on December 16 for an all-day festival at The Millet House.

Celebrating Life is meant as a transformational gift from all of us to all of us, and all are invited. We will install a permanent memorial in loving memory of those we have lost, of that in ourselves we have lost in the past years (because we have all lost part of ourselves), and of our old world. We’ll then turn to celebrate the new world, decide what we can do to best live in it, and enjoy the day. And the day will be fun. Food, music, art workshops and more, all free! Let’s bring the community back together!

The Millet House artists are also working on a group show with the same theme: Celebrating Life. This will be up all during December and the art will be available for purchase. You may very well find holiday gifts! We all need art!

And the show will be a good place to bring the kids — for a small amount they can do their own shopping for gifts!

One Comment on ““Celebrating Life” : An all-day event & group show at The Millet House, Dec 16, 2022

  1. This is going to be amazing event! I can’t wait to see all the fun!

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