Scottsdale Rotary Club “Stallion Stampede”

We are delighted that THREE of our Millet House artists were chosen for the Scottsdale Rotary Club Stallion Stampede! Tiesha Harrison’s “Sunflower Soul” (left) was featured in the Scottsdale Parada del Sol on February 4! Vanessa Ortiz Zapata’s “Spirit” and “Inspire” (top right) have now been placed in Old Town Scottsdale! And Andrea Rogers is currently completing work on “Rosie”, short for Rosario (bottom right.) See if you can find ALL 19 stallions over the next several months. In April they will be auctioned for charity, with the artists receiving a portion of the auction price.


“Spirit” and “Inspire,” stallions painted by artist Vanessa Ortiz-Zapata, have been placed in Old Town Scottsdale until April. You can see them there!

There are 19 hand-painted stallions altogether that will be displayed all over Scottsdale. Watch for updates for the locations of Tiesha Harris’s “Sunflower Soul” and Andrea Rogers’ “Rosie” as they are placed. I hear that there will be a map of the locations of all 19!

Scottsdale City Plaza

5th and Marshall in Old Town Scottsdale

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