Opening Saturday, Feb 18: “MOSAIC: Pieces of Me” – Marva Harris

Opening Reception scheduled for Saturday, February 18, 4-6 pm. Closing Reception will take place on Saturday, February 25, 4-6 pm. You can also visit the virtual show:

Mosaic: Pieces of ME…

is a show that celebrates the music of a generation and how it impacted the artistry of Marva Ayoka Harris. She grew up in the 80s and 90s within a house where music was a familial mainstay.  Born to a very musical family, Marva was heavily influenced by African American music because of the way that it spoke to her culture, personal experiences, love, hustle and pride in the African American community. Stevie Wonder, Run DMC, Whitney Houston, Billy Ocean, Prince, Sheila E, The Jackson Five, The Winans, Janet Jackson, and New Edition , are just some of the songs that defined the personal experiences of a young African American woman who sought to develop her own personal mystique, style and expression. Music remains a major influence in Marva’s creative process. 

Mosaic as a collection, highlights Marva’s artistic process. In this show, she  utilizes the concept  and definition of “mosaic” (Cultural mosaic is the mix of ethnic groups, languages and cultures that coexist within society. The idea of a cultural mosaic is intended to suggest a form of multiculturalism, different from other systems such as the melting pot, which is often used to describe the US’ supposed ideal of assimilation) to examine how repurposing former sketches, letters and other paper mediums can be fashioned into a new and deeper expression of the former things by share border and space with something new. Consistent in a majority of the pieces in this new collection is Marva’s use of paper, adhesive, and paint to create texture, layered expressions.

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