Synchronicity (at 60): July 13-August 25, 2018

Image for Closing Reception

Update: Closing reception will take place on August 25 (not August 24 as originally planned) and the Millet House will be open from noon to 10 pm on that date. The day will feature an interactive art project led by Jaime Glasser, and the focus of the day will be on collecting YOUR ideas on how to bring about connected communities through art. Drop in any time after noon; wine, lemonade and snacks follow the art project.

The Synchronicity exhibit showcases the work of Mesa artist Jaime Glasser, accompanied by Juried Artists and the Millet House Art Collective. Jaime conceives of her show as a way to embrace the simple joy of sharing her journey, as she turns sixty.

Supporting artists are as follows:
Margarete Beeson-Giacomazzo
Eric Hulquist
Arti Jain
David Morgan
Dori Jung
Deborah McMillion
Kyllan Maney
Meghan Mitchell
Andie Olson
Vanessa Ortiz
Brenda Petrillo
Andrea Rogers
Kris Steele
Sherri Rowland
Craig Thornton
Steve Wesby

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