Shubui: Japanese Paper TieDye: Special Event August 18 3-5 pm

Japanese paper tiedye

Andrea Rogers, juried supporting artist in the current Synchronicity show, offers a three-hour workshop on Shubui, the art of Japanese paper tie-dye! The workshop will be at the Millet House, August 18, 3-5 pm. Your donation of $25 covers materials, instruction, air conditioning and light snacks. Participants are limited to eight; reserve your seat by using the Millet House Paypal donation button:


More information:

Join artist Andrea Rogers for Shubui: tie-dyeing Japanese paper for use as collage in paintings, cards, borders on mats for framing, bookmarks, lampshades or any other creative products you may envision. The paper is extremely beautiful to see and glorious fun to design. Andrea Rogers has been working with tie dyed paper for over 4 years. Her paper/wood earrings are available at Visions Gallery in Chandler and at The Millet House in Mesa.

Below, examples of Shubui dry on a clothesline. The paper dries quickly and you will be able to take your creations home with you.

Japanese tiedye paper#2

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