August 7 @ 5:30 pm: Open House (via Zoom); Vanessa Ortiz will co-host!

This Friday and every Friday at 5:30 pm!

Zoom with us, meet the exhibiting artists and hear about their work and their inspiration. On August 7 Vanessa Ortiz, who is exhibiting in our current show, will co-host and delight us with a demo. We have also been discussing murals and street art. These are all good conversations so we hope you’ll join us.

In pre-Covid days a group of us met weekly for nearly twenty years, before there was even a Millet House. We gathered for pizza, for computer lessons, for art making. We established a nonprofit and a gallery, the Millet House. In March 2020 our investigations into technology paid off as we were able to easily help the Millet House transition to online art exhibits and weekly Zoom meetings. No pizza, alas, but the silver lining is that more people can get to the meeting. You are invited to participate.

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