Weekly Zooms continue..August 7 was stellar!

Zoom prep Vanessa in studio

Above: Vanessa Ortiz Zapata in her studio, preparing to present to The Millet House

Fridays are Zoom Meeting days at The Millet House, from 5:30 to 7pm or thereabouts. Drop in any time to meet artists. We have fascinating discussions! And on Friday August 7 we were treated to a live demo by artist Vanessa Ortiz Zapata that had us all saying “Wow!” Vanessa introduced us to a whole range of tools (and, at the very end, one lucky participant guessed closest to the secret number and will receive an original painting in the mail!) Vanessa is an experienced, professional and fascinating teacher. Thank you so much, Vanessa! (Everyone is invited to our Zooms, which due to the pandemic have replaced our weekly face to face Pizza and Art Meetings. Zoom info is posted each week on our website: http://themillethouse.com )

Zoom Workspace Vanessa

Above: Vanessa’s workspace, shared via Zoom

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