Millet House Zooms!

Fridays in February: Zoom Open House. Drop in any time between 5:30 and 7 pm to talk about art.

Login info will be posted here on Fridays.

Also: Zoom Panel Discussion took place Saturday Jan 23 at 4 pm Arizona/Mtn Time! The culminating event for “IMAGINE: What Keeps Us From Unity?” is a panel discussion of the themes and topics covered in the art for this exhibition. All six artists will participate, and the amazing Ebone “Muse” Johnson will moderate. All are invited who wish to learn. After uploading to YouTube, it will be posted on this page – because it’s well worth your time to watch.

This exhibition has been released over the past week and has featured one new artist each day. Each participating artist created a video about their work and contributed at least three pieces to the exhibition:

IMAGINE: What Keeps Us From Unity?

This was an amazing discussion. With gratitude to each of the artists: Jared Aubel – Andrea Rogers  – Nik Ridley – Skye Rockett – Therosia Reynolds – and Tiesha Harrison. Special thanks go to Therosia Reynolds and Tiesha Harrison, co-curators.

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