Art Detour 33 is Here..Plus, Zoom Open House/Sneak Preview

Artist Marva Harris debuts her exhibition “I Know Why” at The Millet House on February 27, when Art Detour begins. This is one of the most important art events in the Phoenix area; and this year, the 33rd, the celebration will continue for 33 days, from February 27 to March 31.

Much about the event this year will be virtual, as will The Millet House’s entry. We have learned a great deal about the uses of technology in art this year, though, and Marva has some surprises for us!

And a very special Heads Up : On  Friday Feb 26 we will host a “VIP Opening” and Sneak Preview for Marva Harris, whose “I Know Why” paintings will be shown beginning February 27 as part of Black History Month. On March 4, Marva will premiere a video performance with a spoken piece that ties the art together.

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