The Millet House

Susan Bernstein: Porcelain and Silver

ceramics cropped

This is Susan Bernstein’s Heartfelt Gift Collection, now on display at The Millet House. The collection includes handmade porcelain pendants, earrings, masks, wall pockets, and buttons.

Tara Kosciukiewicz: Raven Sunset

Raven Sunset

Tara finds her subjects on long hikes through the Sonoran desert, her native environment.

Art Gallery • Books • Community Space

staff cover

The Millet House is a place for art, books and community. Above, a few of our favorite things including Abel Ochoa’s staff featuring a hawk talon at the top. Betty Maldonado created the gourd dreamcatcher. You are invited to visit for a cup of tea and a tour! Email us for times we are open:

“Follow your he…

“Follow your heart.”

Gaining Historical Status in Mesa, AZ

The City of Mesa, Arizona, and the folks behind the local light rail system are supportive of the plan to grant Historical Status to The Millet House.

Steps to accomplishing Historical Status for Millet House by New Years Eve 2014 include:

  1. Gain signatures of support from property owners 
  2. Collect waivers from property owners 
  3. Complete City of Mesa process paperwork
  4. Present to Mesa City Council for approval
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