The Art of Wellness: Joy, Healing, Peace

Yes! The Millet House is opening its doors to a new season, in a time when many people carry with them anxiety and sorrow. It’s time to celebrate! but first, let us heal.

Final night for this show by artist Brenton Rhodes is Friday, September 16, 5-8 pm.

View selected works from the show here: The Art of Wellness. All works in this online exhibit can be purchased. All are framed.



I’m from Texas, lived in NYC, and Boston growing up. My first encounter with fine art was in Manhattan, after that I started taking classes. I did school in Utah and Arizona and I have been painting for 10 years. The majority of my work is acrylic or mixed media on paper.

My work is purely autobiographical. It’s about myself and my surroundings. Color is the foundation of my work.

 The Art of Wellness – I believe art can heal, I believe images can enlighten the mind, colors can change a mood. Just like medicine we can consume it.

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